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Austria is a country located in the Central Europe. It is predominantly a German speaking nation.Some of the most enchanting parts of this country are its extravagant city design, villages in the hilly areas,Royal history and rocky hilly terrain of the Alps. Vienna is the capital of Austria situated on the banks ofDanube River. This great place is home to many great places like Schoenbrunn and Hofburg palaces and famous people like Strauss, Mozart, Sigmund Freud, Arnold Schwarzenegger.There are other places in Austria which are truly beautiful such as Lake Traun, Northern Bohemian Forest and vineyards on the eastern hillside.

Weather & Climate

Austria is such a country which is blessed with a temperate climate. More prominently the western and north-western regions of this country give the best experience of the temperate climate from the Atlantic.The eastern region gives the feel of the interior climate. Altitude is the major role playing factor for the climatic conditions. The temperature decreases 5°C at an average, for each rise of 300m in elevation. Coming to Vienna, the annual weather report points out that July remains the warmest month for Vienna where 19°C is the average temperature. Whereas, the coldest month is January, where-1°C is the average temperature. June is the month with the highest rainfall with an average of 74mm.

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