The wedding will remain the single-most biggest day in any person's life and if you go for a destination wedding that day can get even better. Once done with the task of selecting the perfect venue and destination now is the task of choosing the best outfit for your wedding. In this blog, we will try to provide our would-be bride and groom with tips to help them in making a better decision. Now, when you hire a wedding planner, always trust their creative skills, and don't try to dump your desire on them. There is a fine line between suggesting and dropping your idea. It is understandable that it is the single-most biggest day of your life, so it is ok to be excited and beam with views but makes sure you provide sufficient room for your planner to show his creative skills.  The attire of your wedding significantly depends on the venue you pick so always go for dress shopping once your venue gets confirmed. 1. The formal attire: This is one of the best options when you plan to get married in a church or an old castle. The setting of the place will perfectly complement your look, and surely you will get rave reviews from your closed ones. This is also quite a good option for couples who opt for the sophistication of an upscale wedding. 2. Semi-Formal Attire: This is one of the most flexible ones can pick for themselves. A couple rocking semi-formal attire will look out of place neither in a church nor on a windy sea beach. The semi-formal essentially means going for a suite instead of a super formal tuxedo; for brides, it can be both long and short. The semi-formal bride's attire involves less detailing like the excess use of beads or lace. 3. Casual Attire: If you plan to get married on a beach at the twilight of the day, the casual attire is probably the best attire you can pick. The only problem people face while choosing casual attire is each one of us has a different definition when it comes to casual wear. It is always better to always sit with your would-be bride or groom and clear all the doubts regarding it else it can turn out to be a complete disaster. The casual attire also involves picking up shoes as some people prefer barefoot while some prefer to wear flip-flops. Visit f or more details.

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The growing trend of destination is increasing exponentially in recent times. In our blog, we will talk about some of the essential points to remember if you are planning to have a destination wedding. Keeping everyone happy without compromising your happiness is a mean task, and our blog will surely help you to a great extent. 1. Book a date: The job of fixing the date is the hardest part when it comes to the wedding. As most of our friends work in offices and have other commitments, always look for dates close to weekends. It will help your friends and close ones to miss their work to a minimum. 2. Pick a destination: Once done with the task of picking the date now comes the task of picking the destination. Always keep your budget in mind while selecting the destination. You should choose a place to get married, which will not force you to change your lifestyle or standard of living anyway.  3. Bring the guest to notice: Inform your friends and family about your plan beforehand so that they can get sufficient time to get a life. As most of us work in private firms, getting leave from the grumpy boss is not an easy task. 4. Plan a Budget: the task of deciding the budget should get done before selecting the venue. One should refer to his/her partner while determining the budget. You should neither go overboard with the budget nor should allow a budget which makes you look like a miser. 5. Visit the destination before your wedding day: This is probably the single-most best advice we can give our lovey-dovey couples. Take your wedding planner and your partner and visit the place for a week. It will massively help you to know the location of the local market, florist and other essential shops which may come handy at the time of emergency. 6. Go Viral: The best way to announce your wedding on social media is by releasing your pre-wedding album on any of the popular social media platforms. The pre-wedding shoot will help your hired photographer to know what you expect from him on the D-day. 7. Express your idea to the wedding planner/ vendors: Don't shy away from expressing your views to your planner. You will be getting married once in your life, so it is ok to go overboard and irritate your planner to some extent but give your planner the creative freedom to his work. Visit for more information.

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If you are planning a company retreat to Vienna, it is imperative that you make it a lifetime experience. The good news is, being a mesmerising romantic city that it is; you couldn’t possibly go wrong with just about any activity or event you wish to participate in through your stay. However, there is a list of popular Viennese events that you will only cherish to be a part of, making it necessary to plan your trip at a time when you can witness a couple of them, at least. Here are 4 such events that your team would never want to miss... Danube festival – Usually held in the month of June, The Danube Music Festival is the biggest open air festival of Europe that offers platform to budding and established music bands, DJs etc to perform before a brimming crowd of over 3 million music lovers from all over the world! The festival is also a major gastronomic treat especially for beer lovers that can enjoy well known local brews at very affordable prices. Thing to remember... while admission is usually free in Danube festival, it is best to ascertain the dates before planning your trip so that you don’t have to miss out on other events of importance being held around the same date.  Wine hiking – Vienna has over 700 hectares of vineyards and over 190 vintners around Kahlenberg, Nussberg, Bisamberg and Mauer. Every autumn, the location hosts wine hiking days in three distinct routes along the 16th, 19th and 21st districts. Stretching from a minimum of 4 kilometres to over 9 kilometres the routes take you through and around picturesque vineyards with the luxury of special wine tasting experience, sampling and incredible culinary delights.  A word of caution... Wine hiking day in Vienna is usually very relaxing but you will still have to leg the stretch for miles. Therefore, it is necessary that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes before starting the hike.  Glorious ball – Ever wondered what it was like to attend a ball way back in the days of the Kings and Queens? Participate in the Glorious Ball season in Vienna to experience royal splendour in its truest form. The glorious Ball season usually starts with the New Year’s Eve ball and the season continues till Mid February and sometimes spills over to beginning of March as well. Around this phase, over 450 balls are organized, therefore, missing out on the event is a rare possibility. If you are feeling a little underdressed... you can always hire the best of tux or ball dress through trusted providers across the area.  New Years Eve and skiing in Innsbruck – This is perhaps the most thrilling event in Vienna that attracts visitors from the world over. With fireworks starting from as early as 6 in the morning and continuing through the rest of the day, the ambience of the city embraces a kind of youthful exuberance that would make you wish that it never ends! Innsbruck connects with 9 different ski areas that can be reached very easily by bus. Popular ski resorts in the location are known for being in a perpetual party mode that can make your trip infinitely rewarding. A word of caution... Temperature around New Years in Vienna can dip to -10 degrees centigrade or lower at times. Therefore, it is very necessary that you are prepped with the right clothing especially thermal wear, before you plan your company trip around this time of the year.  Get Event Planning Guide in Austria.

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Cappadocia is among those crazy places which are invaded by the beautiful brides to enjoy the best of remote geography and get back to home with an album full of jaw- dropping photos and living memories. While there is a mild climate throughout the year at Cappadocia, but the time between May to September is the best time marked positively by the civil aviation. So anytime when you are planning for it, consider the weather conditions before proceeding and plan a week -long as the flights may get cancelled because of the bad weather. The hot air balloons and the pilots are checked for safety at every morning for the civil aviation, geography and safety, and thus Cappadocia is known to be the safest location for such experience.

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